Leadership Development

Are you looking for a customised design for your leadership development programs, which empower the leaders to take ownership of their own development, building over time?
One–off events seldom bring lasting results, but programs that build the different elements over time, using varied methodologies and follow-on coaching, have proven to have impact. They are also more meaningful, as you can see yourself progressing over time. Building learning over time allows to process it  and to put it in practice in your real environment in between the sessions.

We are part of several networks which allow us to have the resources and the expertise necessary for each program. We partner with organisations like Mannaz, the EIPM or the Expert network Zest for Leaders. 

Feel free to contact us to explore opportunities to develop your leaders.



Feedback from participants

"I have learned a lot and feel inspired to try my new skills and behaviours. Thank you for your true listening, sharing of your experience and believing in us.”

"I found the Leadership and change management training to be very valuable, with practical tools that I can immediately apply. Conducted under Johanna’s professional guidance and constructive feedback, the experience was a very enjoyable one.”

"Johanna creates an environment where everyone feels at ease to share experience and try out new behaviours, while at the same time constructively challenging and guiding us.”

"I have worked with many facilitators who either take too much space or are too distant - Johanna is able to set the balance just right - giving us enough space when needed, yet being fully present and intervening when necessary.

Workshop for HR Professionals on team development
Geneva November 27th from 8.30 to 10.00

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