Executive Coaching

Is a way to get support in your individual development. In current times of constant availability and connectivity, it is difficult to get the space and time necessary to focus on your own development. And the higher up in the organisation you go, the less quality feedback you get.

Working with a coach provides you the space, time, support, honest feedback and distance necessary to focus on your important issues and development.

Whether you are preparing for a transition (or are in the midst of it), leading change, struggling with key relationships, needing to change some of your own behaviors, or would like to reflect on your current leadership challenges, coaching can support you and help you focus. The coaching programs are designed according to your needs, specific to you and the environment you are working in. Most often some feedback from people working with you will be gathered, to give us more perspective and a "feel” of the environment you work in.

Your key stakeholder(s) will also be involved in the objective setting and final review, to ensure alignment with the objectives of the organisation. Your own daily challenges and experiences can be used as a working ground to try new behaviors. Together we can then assess what works and what doesn’t, and explore alternative ways.

Wouldn't it be time to sharpen the saw ?

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Client feedback

"Johanna is an experienced international executive coach, who works well with executive and non executive board members. She asks the right questions about work, context and personal performance and helps to focus. Her insightful and inspiring style supports you in finding yourself what you want to do."
Marcel Kokkeel, CEO, Citycon Oyj

"In my capacity as Head of Learning and Development at CERN, I hired Johanna in 2013 to be one of the executive coaches working in the new Leadership Coaching programme at senior management level and she is now one of our regular leadership coaches. Her professionalism and expertise were the main reasons for me to work with her. At all times, she has invested relentless efforts and time to enhance the quality of her interventions. Johanna keeps demonstrating an impressive knowledge of best practices in the leadership domain, an excellent grasp of techniques and skills related to learning in general. Her commitment, poise and focus create positive vibes that are much appreciated by her audience. She is particularly gifted to get to the core of the issue and foster an environment where creative solutions can come up. Her extensive experience and cultural sensitivity are a precious asset in individual and team interventions and have been highly rated by her clients. Johanna communicates with style and assertiveness. It is a privilege to count her as one of our executive coaches and facilitators and it is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation.

Pascale Goy, Head of Learning and Development, CERN

"I worked with Johanna when I was ready to move on to the highest level of our organisation in Europe, but needed to change some of my own behavior in order to get there. Our work helped me to see how others perceive me, and what in my behavior triggered their reactions. It was a very eye-opening experience. I fully trusted Johanna’s professionalism, and appreciated her insightful feedback and observations."
G. Holmes, SVP of Supply Chain, Switzerland 

"The coaching sessions with Johanna were very useful for me. I could describe Johanna actual issues I faced at work and Johanna pointed me in the direction that allowed me to find the solution myself. I was able to solve all my issues I brought forward and the results were good. The work with Johanna was really eye-opening, by asking a couple of questions and making some remarks, the solutions all of a sudden seemed so obvious for something I considered to be an issue. I really appreciated the coaching sessions with Johanna and can strongly recommend her as personal coach."
Daniel Hearing, controller, Tupperware trading co.
"In my new and unfamiliar environment, I found Johanna to be the only person willing and capable to adapt her style to mine: this in itself was a great example and inspiration! Coupled with her constructive feedback and continuous support, this gave me the motivation and ability to succeed. I would strongly recommend Johanna to anyone wishing to better themselves and looking to build a strong foundation for future professional development."
Olga Notkina, Marketing Intelligence Director, JT International
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