Group coaching

Is a way to share your learning and challenges with other colleagues and build a lasting support network. The exchange in a group is rich, and often a source of inspiration and new ideas.

The support makes you feel less lonely with your challenges, and you can try out new behaviours in a safe environment with immediate feedback.

Coaching in group can take different forms, depending on the needs of the participants.

Whether it is the members coaching each other, working together on a common issue, or being coached by a coach, the group dimension always adds a valuable aspect of sharing and learning. The coaching group can consist of a small number of managers in the same organisation, or from different organisations. We meet about once a month for a half a day or full day to share issues and coach each other. Every member of the group brings their own issues to the group for coaching. The power of the group is in offering a different perspective to your issues, holding you accountable, learning from each other and providing support.

Group coaching can be set up for a specific group, or included as a follow-up activity in a leadership development program.


Client feedback

" The 3 of us were all starting in the Plant Manager role in the same company, but with different backgrounds, when we had the opportunity for a group coaching with Johanna. She gave us tools to know each other and ourselves better, helped us to deal with certain types of situations, or with particular issues/people, and in general how to onboard our new role. We worked together on our common challenges, as well as individually according to the needs of each of us. We found the experience very enriching, as Johanna knew how to draw on our different personalities and experiences to allow us to get a good start in our new role. The exchange between us also allowed us to learn from each other and to establish a connection between us, which we have maintained after the coaching to continue to support each other. "
Y.A. Manager Energy Europe, Y.F. Plant Manager, D.F Plant Manager

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