Team coaching

Is a way to build cohesion in a team, optimise its performance, get a new team started, improve communication, or simply take stock of where the team is.

Teams have a valuable role in organisations, therefore the impact of a team functioning well or not can be significant.

Teams go through different stages of development, and the challenges linked to each stage are different.Therefore the Team coaching programs will be built according to an initial diagnosis of the team. The context in which the team works, its particular challenges, the team dynamics and working habits, among others, are essential elements taken into account for a team coaching. Throughout the whole process, it is important that the team keeps the ownership of its development; therefore the team members all have an active role. Team coaching ideally builds over a longer period of time, as opposed to a one-time event, to achieve lasting results.

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Client feedback

"We were a newly created management team, with many new members together with those who had been in the company for a long time. We had challenges to communicate and build trusting relationships with each other, which was immediately highlighted by the initial team diagnosis. We worked together on those areas for 3 months, and as a result our meetings were much more efficient, our relationships had improved, and we were able to communicate with each other. We appreciated Johanna’s supportive and constructive style to facilitate us through the process, creating an open atmosphere where everyone could express themselves freely.
The management team of a chemical company in France
" At the end of 2013, our team gathered together in the countryside, taking a step back to scrutinize our activities. Johanna, our Coach for this exercise, had conducted a private assessment of our team through collection of individuals’ concerns and expectations. Three pillars were identified for collective dialogue: taking stock of the current state of work, cross undertakings to develop cooperation, and shared visions on future challenges and agenda.
Through creative and interactive exercises and brainstorming sessions, we were able to keep a reflexive posture and spotted areas requiring further elaboration. Proactive, easy to settle ideas and actions points were agreed amongst us by the end of this very well structured day. Johanna truthfully facilitated this workshop thanks to her openness and natural sense of team cohesion, thereby helping us to instill new dynamics between and within the various working streams. We are very much looking forward to collaborating again with Johanna. "
The Environmental, Climate and Social Policy team at the European Investment Bank, Luxembourg
Workshop for HR Professionals on team development
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